Barbra Kruger Inspired Artwork


World Hunger
Photoshop document

I chose to make my Barbara Kruger inspired art on the issue of world hunger or malnutrition. After researching facts about world hunger I had come up with multiple ideas for my piece. I changed my original idea of highlighting hungry countries on a map to a more intense, Barbara Kruger style image. I used the colour red to highlight the empty plate the child was holding and highlight the words “from you” and “for them”. I did this to emphasize the theme of donating to people in need because anything is appreciated by the various aid organizations and the people themselves. I also was aware that although it may not have the sarcasm that some of Barbara Kruger’s quotes have, it uses her pronouns and is in the same style. This quote is also a bit different though because it has a very clear message and does not require much further thought and analysis like most of Kruger’s. I myself prefer this type of quote because it is easier to understand.


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